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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We are still open for business! 

At Peoples Bank, our goal is to provide the very best customer experience, especially at times when you need us most. During Indiana and Illinois' shelter-in-place orders, banks like ours have been recognized as playing an essential role to the customers and communities we serve. Rest assured, we continue to remain open for business.

Together, as we face the COVID-19 crisis, Peoples Bank looks to the future with a firm focus on upholding one of our most critical core values: stability. To ensure banking processes run smoothly, we have kept our drive-ups open and fully functional, and we continue to offer a wide range of digital banking options to conveniently access your accounts from home. Banking Centers can also serve you by appointment. 

Though necessary for the health of our community, the long-term impact of sheltering-in-place on the economy is beginning to be felt by many. That is why we have developed our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hardship Relief Program. The program is designed for those who are experiencing financial hardship due to the onset of COVID-19. We remain committed to the success of our customers so that we can all prosper together when this crisis subsides. For further details about the program, please visit

Above all else, Peoples Bank remains committed to your success, now more than ever. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please know that we are ready to help in any way possible, and we continue to be here for you. 

Benjamin Bochnowski

President and Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the entire Peoples Bank Team

Banking Center Updates

St. John Banking Center - Temporary Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary communication channel is email. Contact your local Banking Center to confirm your information is current, including email and cell phone number.

Our Corporate Center, Banking Centers, ATMs, and drive-up tubes are being cleaned regularly. We have placed extra cleaning items and hand sanitizer within our Banking Centers and Corporate Center. We have also provided our employees with reminders on how to stay healthy, encouraged them to stay home if they are not feeling well, and issued additional sick time.

Yes, we are open for business. Our lobbies are currently closed, but our drive-ups are open for business. They are fully functional and operating regular business hours, 8a - 6p. We understand this may be different than the normal customer experience you are used to, and lobby access may be needed for particular transactions. If this applies to you, we are happy to accommodate your request. Please contact your local Banking Center to schedule an appointment.

We are always available to you through our digital platforms, including Online and Mobile Banking, as convenient alternatives. You may also visit any of our ATMs, or use any ATM through the Allpoint network. Deposits may be dropped off through the Banking Center night depository.

The continuity of operations is always top-of-mind, and our core value of stability remains at the forefront of everything we do. To prevent disruptions in the customer experience, we have contingency plans in motion to ensure processes continue to run smoothly and efficiently. As an FDIC Member, your money is insured. Please visit for more information on insurance rules and limits.

Some scammers may try to take advantage of COVID-19 by using fraudulent websites, phone calls, emails, and text messages claiming to offer “help,” but may be trying to trick consumers into providing social security numbers, bank account numbers, and other details. Never provide your bank or credit card numbers, or other personal information, over the phone unless you initiate the conversation with the other party and you know it is a reputable organization.

As COVID-19 continues to affect people’s income, there are reports that the government will soon be sending money by check or direct deposit to each of us. While the details are still being worked out, it’s important to know that the government will never ask you to pay anything upfront, and they will not call you asking for your social security number, bank account, or credit card number. These reports of checks are not yet a reality, so anyone stating they can get you the money now, is a scammer.