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Better Banking keeps moving forward.


Better Banking keeps moving forward.


Same Commitment. Brand New Look.

Peoples Bank has always been committed to being a forward-thinking institution. To stay true to this commitment, we made the decision to undergo a full rebrand, including a new logo to better represent who we are and what we deliver. It’s an exciting next step in differentiating ourselves from the crowd of other banks in the marketplace as the standout financial leader.

Doing what we do, even better.

Our long-time holding company, Northwest Indiana Bancorp, was the catalyst in moving Peoples Bank into the future of banking, undergoing a full rebrand in early 2021 to become Finward Bancorp. As the best-in-class financial institution that we are, we decided to follow suit. From this, our contemporary, unique, and financially forward brand redesign was born. The new Peoples brand is a proud fixture to Finward Bancorp. Through the strength in this partnership, you can expect more access, more capabilities, more personalized service, and higher quality financial products and services.

As a Finward Company, we proudly display the Finward name within the design of our new logo. Be on the lookout! It exemplifies financial excellence, dedication to industry-forward technology and enhancing the all-around customer experience.

As always, feel free to give us a call at (219) 836-4400 with any questions.